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Auto High Speed Side Sealer Machine TY-706-150


  • HMI control allows for easy change of machine speed and reciprocation.
  • Speed & sealing blade height and side sealing wheel can be adjusted at any time to suit package height.
  • SAFETY DEVICE FOR CUTTING BLADE: A micro-sensor combined with Automatic blade return provide safety protection in cut a hand object. This effectively protects the machine while minimizing product loss.
  • Employs constant temperature one-piece fabricated bronze sealing blade. Draw-out type constant temperature heater combined with SSR constant temperature control features maximum stability of temperature, power saving and easy replacement.
  • Equipped with Japan Mitsubishi or OMRON high performance PLC control for flexible controls for bag sizes, temperature, pressure and dwell time (Sealing blade close time). This assures superior sealing tightness without scorching (carbonized) break.
  • ADJUSTABLE MICRO-VENTING PERFORATING DEVICE: Equipped with over 4 sets, Each set has 4 pins, which are located at venting positions of film to achieve the best possible heating shrinking effect.
  • ELECTROSTATIC EliMINATOR: Designed with anti-electrostatic belt, separate electrostatic removing for film and air flow sliding device to fully prevent film from adhering without loss.
  • The HMI controller allows for saving 50 sets of package sizes, that minimizes the setting time for size variation.
  • The sealing modes including seal type and reciprocating type.

Model No.
Machine size
(LxWxH mm)
Package Range
(LxWxH mm)
Speed Range

体彩31选7高手预测号according to customer's require, machine with an unlimited packaging length is available.

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